Why Invest in Lombok?




The Mandalika Resort Area Development Plans

The Mandalika Resort area is strategically located on the south coast of Lombok, a sixteen kilometer, or twenty minute drive from Bandara International Lombok, the international airport.

South Lombok Mandalika Resort Area Map

The 1035 hectares comprising the project area include 7,5 kilometers of white-sand beaches. Three protected coves with crystal-clear water provide ample opportunity for marine sports, while a surrounding three-thousand-hectare conservation zone allows for eco-tourism activities.

There’s actually a lot more we could say about the Mandalika Resort, but it is probably easier if you take a look at the full report – here is the 42 page PDF in full here:

Read the Full Mandalika Resort Project PDF Here

So What Is The Mandalika Resort Masterplan?
The Mandalika Resort** is a fantastic concept pioneered by the Bali Tourism Development Corporation (BTDC) working in conjunction with the Indonesian Government, whereby management rights have been granted to the BTDC in order to provide a suitable resort infrastructure for this beautiful area.

Part of this includes making this area sustainable by drawing on many years of environmental protection experience in order to ensure that the Mandalika Resort, and all its properties, comply with global environmental protection standards.  As part of this new, innovative water treatment and recycling techniques will be implemented alongside suitable waste disposal and efficient energy usage.

As part of the conservation maintenance, the lush green hills that provide the stunning backdrop to the Mandalika Resort area will be set aside as a conservation area of over 3000 hectares.  This area is home to many native species and will only be available for low impact activities such as cycling or hiking in order to minimize damage to the endemic flora and fauna.
Zone 1 – Luxury Residences
This area is set aside to attract travellers requiring high quality, self-contained, luxury residences; combining the privacy of a home with the facilities of a hotel.  These standalone villas will be available for rental, lease or for sale.  Much of this area will be recreational and grass areas, so will also be very suitable for families.
Zone II – Hotels, Villas & Facilities
Zone II is all about healthy living and will include a cycling and trekking area alongside a golf course.  Any structures here will be environmentally friendly and utilize all natural materials wherever possible, inclusive of the ‘green’ golf course which will incorporate advanced water techniques in order to minimize its environmental impact on the surrounding areas.
Zone III – Exclusive Villas & Hotels
This area will include a combination of Bohemian, surf beach, ambiance and luxury comfort and facilities.  This protected cove will include a world-class marina and serve as a base for surfers, deep-sea fishing expeditions and diving experiences as well as offering a luxury stop-over for regional and international seafarers alike.


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