The Novotel Lombok

The Novotel is currently probably the best example of what is possible, and what is coming in south Lombok.

Right now it is the “best”, or at least only 4* hotel on the south coast (at time of writing; July 2014). However, it is often full and busy, and at $100 a night for a normal room, or $250 upwards for a private mini villa with a pool – also including a bar and restaurant and spa, all at “western prices”. There is a growing economy here in Lombok and money to be made. (I’ve personally seen the price of rooms increase from $60 to $100 and the hotel get 2-3x as busy within the 2-3 years I have been here.

In my opinion, there is a demand for higher end accommodation here, and only The Novotel to satisfy this right now – there are many more higher end hotels within the development plans for the areas, and several private investors building luxury villa residences in Kuta and along the south coast.

The Novotel also shows what is possible, i.e. that it is really possible to build a high end, well made, eco-friendly resort here in Lombok, here is a quick video taken from the beachfront restaurant, walking over the beach to the ocean.

And if you have your own ideas of building your own hotel (just around the corner) then check out our Kuta East Hotel Plot.